Sunday, July 7, 2013


I have to share a great news here with all my fellow bloggers.
Shalini Chandak,: Craft Island
 has awarded me with this award.

Thanks a lot Shalini.I regret for being so late.
as a rule,this award is to be passed on to blogs with less than 50 members.
I like these lovely blogs and pass it to them:

Anita K.Sharma :

Ramya Manja :Chitravali

Aditi joshi :Creative zone

kiran: kiran's Art world

Chandram : chandram art

Payal Manoj Mittal:

I need to share 7 random things about myself as part of these award:
1) I feel I am born to be an artist.
2)I live my art field.i cannot be myself without colours,canvas,creative work and clay.:)
3)I am an astrologer too,but my passion is to explore the other world through parapscychology studies.
4)I love being called a housewife.and,my identity is as an home is my priority.
5)I am more than happy to receive this beautiful award from an entirely new blogger.
6)i love to learn new things when ever i get time.Internet is like a blessing for me.
7)I wish I take my last breath doing something creative.

To accept these awards you must :
  • Write a post about this award, mentioning about the blogger(with link) who presented this award to you along with the logo of award.
  • Write 7 random things about yourself (in the same post).
  • Present this award to 7 fellow bloggers.